The Lorenzini family business was founded in the small town of Merate, northern Italy, in 1921.

Through time, the company has cultivated the highest levels of know-how, and is now active in its fourth generation.

Lorenzini shirts have a distinct timelessness, and are renowned for their subtle elegance, as well as their unique and sophisticated details.

In order to create a product of excellent quality, the company handles only the very finest fibres, woven in Italy, such as cotton, silk and linen,  along with blends of top-quality natural fibres.

Each Lorenzini shirt is adorned with exclusively designed, premium quality ‘Australia’ mother-of-pearl buttons. These were specially developed to facilitate buttoning and ironing, as well as to ensure the button’s durability.

It takes more than 70 minutes and 50 processing steps to create a Lorenzini shirt; more than 25 individual parts are assembled with as many as 8.5 stitches per centimeter, ensuring the highest level of stability and strength over time.

Faithful to the company’s roots, production remains based in its home region, where the cutting, sewing and ironing steps are performed by skillful hands, in order to continue assembling shirts of the highest attainable quality.